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Hello! I'm Edward Loveall, author of Domain Name Sanity and CFO of Hotline Webring. You can check out my main website here: edwardloveall.com

This is my microblog. It's like a personal Twitter. It was inspired largely by Manton Reece's ideas of owning your own content.

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I think a prayer to Zuphus should begin with: “Hold my beer”

Oh… uh… well you’re dead I suppose. Welcome. We weren’t expecting you but hey, that’s kind of how this works…

<nervous laughter>

Reading about a @paizo adventure that details Zyphus, god of accidental death.

The Mac App Store simultaneously shows that 4 apps need updating via the Dock, 8 from the tab bar, and is actually updating only 2.

Taking a break from Twitter for a week or two.

A car horn just honked a Csus9 outside and it sounded like a cheesy dramatic reveal.

Who else is getting spam calendar invites today?

BTW, if DNS things are still not working for you, you can set your DNS setting to use OpenDNS: https://use.opendns.com

BTW, I found their DNS provider by running this on the command line:

dig +short http://github.com ns

Can you imagine:

Hey Bill, can you go to http://videos.zip real quick? No… on the internet. No, not the one you downloaded…

Me: I’m not really a fan of ice cream with hot toppings.

Her: We’re fighting.