Edward Loveall

Hello! I'm Edward Loveall, author of Domain Name Sanity and CFO of Hotline Webring. You can check out my main website here: edwardloveall.com

This is my microblog. It's like a personal Twitter. It was inspired largely by Manton Reece's ideas of owning your own content.

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“I’m sorry I put my cold hands on you without letting you baby-bird me that wine.”

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I’ve been studying trigonometry with Khan Academy lately, and sometimes they throw some real impossible questions at you:

25 ÷ 5

My musical taste is the All Things Considered segment breaks.

I just saw the word “Detroit” in an ad for a fancy watch read it like “LaCroix”.

The “<- Awesome” is adorable, because someone’s daughter wrote it during bring-your-child-to-work day along with DO NOT TOUCH!

Every time I read “X minute read” at the top of a blog post, I get self-conscious and feel like I’ve already failed.